About Me

Thank you for visiting this UK home brewing blog. My name is Michael and after successfully completing my first home brew in early 2016, decided that I wanted to perfect the craft beer art. I don’t have any formal brewing qualifications, other than just being a passionate home brewer.

I’ll most likely write about the latest recipes I’ve tried, hints or tips, basically anything that is about home brewing. As the blog is a hobby and I balance a busy day job, I write posts whenever I can. Occasionally opting to share videos on my YouTube channel instead.

If you’ve ever wanted to try home brewing for the first time or are just trying to improve your craft, then this is the place to be. Read, ask questions, and (if you’re feeling generous) share posts that have helped you.

for questions / product reviews / general inquiries please contact me
at mikesoft98 [at] gmail [dot] com